Blockchain for aspiring and determined blockchain developers

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a chain of blocks where blocks refers digital information and chain refers to the public database.

  • Here Blocks stores information about all the details of transactions, one has done.

  • It stores information of transactions along with the information of who is performing the transactions.

  • A unique code called “hash code” for each block to distinguish blocks from one another.

Blockchain is a highly desired technology in the IT world, It is a better and safer way to record and store activities and information.

Who are Blockchain Developers?

Blockchain developers are the ones who understand blockchain technology and can build and enhance blockchain-based applications and software. As a blockchain aspirant, one should have an outstanding command over the skills and knowledge of blockchain and blockchain based applications.

Basic skills needed to become a developer

  • Hold in software development.

  • Good knowledge of data structures.

  • Expertise skills in programming languages C++, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON, etc.

  • Working experience with large code bases.

Principle Roles

  • Always being involved in designing, development, new ideas, research, and testing and upgrading blockchain technologies.

  • Developing interactive and attractive designs for decentralized applications(D Apps).

  • Management and control of the entire platform that runs the D Apps.

  • Directing new ideas and solutions, while maintaining the older ones.

  • Indulging in smart and fruitful contracts.

Fundamental skills of blockchain aspirants

  • Data Structure - Proficiency in data structure is a basic need. If you want to work in the field of blockchain technologies.

  • Blockchain Designing - Outstanding grasp of how the blockchain designing works. Good knowledge of concepts such as cryptography, records of technology.

  • Web Development - Primary knowledge in web development is a must in this field. Blockchain aspirants must have basic command and awareness in web development, it includes graphics, designing, architecture and developing new interactive and attractive ideas, for easy understanding of users.

  • Cryptography - Excellent knowledge in cryptography so as to have null risk in protection of the information and communication of users.

  • Programming languages - One must have good experience and knowledge of computer programming languages i.e. C++, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, PYTHON , etc. for the development of blockchains.

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